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Allan Schnarr’s Feeling the Power is the book I wish I had written. It is a very intelligent and “down to earth” exploration of the human person and the choices that we make and how we can understand them and be in control of our own destiny and live in true freedom. It is written by a man who has journeyed through his own emotions and wants to share with all of his readers the dignity, spirituality and the joy of the life it is possible for each of us to embrace when we are in touch with our emotions. As Allan states, “The journey is the destination,” and his book is the roadmap that will guide us to the fulfillment of our own destinies.
Wayne Schimmelmann, Catholic priest

Anyone longing to explore the history and depth of their inner life will be invited into an authentic, gentle and holistic journey. The author shares deeply from his own experience and psychospiritual perspective which creates an environment for healing and wholeness. I was deeply touched by the author’s journey. As I read, I felt excited, challenged, intrigued to explore my own emotions more deeply.
Lois Coldewey, Nurse

Unlike other psychospiritual writings I've come across, the concepts presented are not dry and brittle, but smooth and quickly understood. I was also impressed with the breadth and depth of the writing, showing me what it can look like when clear intellectual processing and gritty emotional work come together. The result is comprehensive, elegant, incisive, and applicable. In the end, I felt inspired by Allan's piece. His passion for the imagination is infectious. Resonating as much as I did with his creative process brings with it for me an unmistakable feeling of trust—trust in his leadership and ultimately in my own creative life adventure.
David Fireman, Licensed Therapist

Discovering Allan Schnarr’s principles for emotional wisdom is somewhat like meeting Moses coming down from the mountain. All those interested in navigating the turmoil and chaos of difficult or dysfunctional relationships with ease will want to own this book. Inspirational and challenging, it takes a leap forward in the perpetual search for inner harmony.
Carolyn Baker, Writer, Educator

Allan Schnarr's book manages to combine a lifetime of personal and professional wisdom into a cohesive model of the human experience. I found it immensely helpful in my own practice as a way to conceptualize and treat clients, and also a great boon to my own self-understanding. Schnarr blends personal insight with theoretical knowledge in an accessible highly readable format.
Jonathan Katz, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Spending time with Allan Schnarr's book is like spending time with Allan himself.  The power of his approach to Feeling the Power is in his voice as a fellow-pilgrim, one who has traveled this road and speaks with experience, as he accompanies the reader on a journey toward wholeness and wellness.  His words served as a mirror in which I came to see myself more clearly.
J. P. Rodela, Minister

Alan Schnarr's keen awareness of the human experience is reflected throughout his writing.  He delves into and binds the emotional, the spiritual and the physical elements of our experiences, with an intelligent embodiment and a deep soulful style.  His insights provide a higher consciousness of individual truths to his readers.
John Heil Jr., Business Consultant

I was affected on a deeply emotional level.  Allan had written what I knew in my bones yet could not speak.  His insights created a structure that allowed me to view my own experience of various dynamics in my life with clarity.  For the first time in years I had words and a mental picture of the trap I found myself in, the same trap from which my ancestors fought to escape. Allan’s work resonates with me and awakens my inner wisdom. Identifying the dynamics that plague us is half the battle and as a therapist I am hopeful as I see this work gently providing fresh eyes for my clients.
Rima Imburgia, M.A., LPC, counselor

Dr. Schnarr has written a moving book. His gentle writing style invites the reader to join him as he bravely shares the personal journey that has brought him to Feeling the Power. This book is not only one I refer to often when working with clients, but also one I reread as I go through my own journey in life. Feeling the Power is one of the books I won’t rotate off my bookshelf.
Liz Whitehead, M.A.,Psychotherapist

Many authors present ideas for how to live better and sometimes present illustrative stories, but it's rare to provide him or herself as a traveling companion on the journey of healing. Allan's blend of ideas and stories help me see that these changes don't happen overnight, but are instead gradual processes that take time and effort. At the same time, he testifies that improvement is possible, and that brings a lot of hope for growth. He doesn't paint himself as a hero, doesn't judge me, and isn't trying to sell me something.  He is offering the gift of what he has learned in his own healing process, offers it in love, and walks a few steps alongside me in my healing journey. I also appreciate the way he integrates body, mind, and soul throughout.  As a clergyperson, I feel that I will use many of his ideas in the ways that I relate to people on a daily basis.  Most religions believe that we should love each other, but then we get stuck with how to love each other. Allan's book gives many tangible relational techniques, woven into an overarching framework of mutuality, consciousness, and compassion. He helps me grow in my relationships with others, with God, and with myself.  I would recommend this book to anyone.
Dirk Van Der Duim, Lutheran Pastor

Through thoughtful analysis of insightful examples Allan Schnarr facilitates a greater understanding of experiences that are important challenges for each person, especially regarding emotional honesty in relationships. He does this in a clear, easily readable style that makes the work accessible to anyone.
Andrea Flynn, Graduate Psychology Student

Your writing provides critical thinking and reasoning on the psychospiritual and emotional plane. To describe emotions as clearly as you do requires disciplined reflection and introspection. And sharing these descriptions with the reader has the feeling of confiding. Your storytelling of personal experiences brings the feelings alive.
Larry Wood, MD, Physician

Thank you for sharing so much of your life and thoughts and feelings with your readers, with me. I know I have told you in the past that you are a very good writer. Now I can say that you have real depth to your writing, that it is based on genuine experience that has been reflected on, and that it is also very practical.
Ted Cirone, priest educator