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Here’s our method:

  1. Breathe the feeling.
  2. Understand its meaning.
  3. Choose what to do with it.
  4. See what happens.
  5. Learn from the consequences.

Note: Each contributor has chosen a “handle” to maintain confidentiality for all concerned. This allows the reader to track any given contributor. Age is identified to provide context for understanding. Also, each entry has a title emotion, listed under categories, so that you can explore entries regarding specific feelings.

Recent Posts

“Home” for the Holidays

What was happening? Describe the circumstances.  During the week between Christmas and New Years I was sitting around the table in the evening after dinner with my husband, our children and their spouses with the young grandchildren playing in the background. Nothing profound was being said, just reliving the same old stories and memories of years gone by.

How did it feel? I felt so complete like the proverbial chicken with her chicks gathered around her. Wholeness. At home. Peaceful. Contentment. The word “happy” is so overused and hardly means anything anymore but I felt truly happy.

What meaning do I give it? Coming from a family where I was the only child I have always longed for a connection with family members–to be a part of something larger. Also, having lost a daughter, I had the feeling that my remaining children and their families were all safe at that moment–I couldn’t ask for more.

What did I choose to do with the energy? What happened? I was so filled with emotion that I wanted to share my feelings with the family gathered around me. I tried to explain to them how happy I felt at that moment and how they were each and every one of them part of that moment. Unfortunately, I think my grateful tears left them uncomfortable and eye rolling at Mom’s mushiness!

–Gathering wisdom. What you learned about yourself.  Nothing really new. The experience just confirmed what I already knew about the importance of family and connection in my life.

–What did you do in response? After gathering my composure, I reminded myself that their response wasn’t important nor did it minimize my feelings. They are young. They’ll get it sometime later in life and hopefully will look back with fondness at that too. What was important was that I tucked that frame in time into my memory, which brought to mind the several times in Scripture where it is said of Mary, “…and she kept these things in her heart,” which also brought the connection I so long for.

  1. Lunar eclipse

  2. What was happening? I went up to the 6th story rooftop terrace of our condo to watch the recent lunar eclipse.

    How did it feel in my body? It was exhilarating and solemn at the same time. I was in total awe of the universe and it’s Maker.

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  3. The “Fix” Is In

  4. “Fixed” mindset vs. “Growth” mindset: I feel I fall somewhere in-between. It’s not an either/or. https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/01/29/carol-dweck-mindset/

    In other words, I’m not free of the black & white, grade-oriented way of thinking, where innate talent says it all, and effort and “failing”

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  5. fulfillment, sadness

    1. What was happening?  Paul and I are sitting in a noisy restaurant, meeting for supper to honor our time together, he the Director and me a vital faculty contributor to the Masters Program in Pastoral Counseling. I’m “retiring” from the program.

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  6. The Summer of My Discontent? A Series of Questions Asked

  7. Has my “job” become worry, or Worry?

    By being “beside myself” am I somehow acting “responsibly” given my uncertain circumstances? Or am I “beside myself” as in “not myself” but someone else? Do I have to be stressed in order to feel alive,

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  8. Overwhelmed, anxious then relieved, peaceful

    1. What was happening? I began my day by checking my calendar book to see what activities I had planned for that day. Instead of focusing on just that I looked over to the previous few days “unfinished business” and became overwhelmed.

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  9. Love, Joy, Gratitude

    1. What was happening?  I’m at Weight Watchers picking up a month’s supply of breakfast packages for my wife. The woman on the cash register asks me if I do anything special with all these. I tell her they’re for my wife.

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  10. The man who fell to earth

  11. I have stopped. Why? That I may begin again? Start “over”? I’m not sure. It’s as if I have led myself out into an open field, alone, and with no instructions, “suspending disbelief” as I continue on, from day to night to day.

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  12. Movies and Life

  13. I’m walking down an endless series of stairs inside a cavern, a mountain, an old castle, everything looking like it’s been carved out of a cave with stairs surrounded by cave-like walls and ceilings that change shape with each step,

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  14. Curiosity, Anxiety, Guilt, Gratitude, Peace

    1. What was happening? Describe the circumstances.

    Last August, I was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable form of blood cancer.  On Nov. 11, 2014, my daughter drove me to another city to be with me for my fist appointment with yet another new doctor.  This one would be my second oncologist that will have a role in my treatment.  This one will be in charge of my care when the chemo pill that I am currently taking stops working,

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