Spiritual Networks

Grounded Passion Talks

I am excited about the possibility of speaking on any of the following topics, all of which are near and dear to my heart! I’m also available, and can speak with passion, on any of the topics about which I have written. Please contact me with your request.

1.  IN LOVE, IS ALL:  Making All Well Is All that Matters
Love Is Aware. Love Embraces What Is. Love Responds. Love Makes Things Better. Love Is Relational. Love First Receives. Love Holds Feelings. Love Prolongs Pleasure. Love Receives Pleasure. Love Expresses Pleasure. Love Comforts Pain. Love Protects the Endangered. Love Relieves Fear. Love Honors Painful Truth. Love Lets Go. Love is Inclusive. Love is Divine. Just being present, in the moment, in love, is all.

2.  MORE POWER TO YOU!  Create the Life You Love
Creators fall in love with what is … and Dream of what it may become. We are inspired to gather the power that is available to our life purpose. Creators grieve our addictive illusions of control – even as we surrender them. We engage our passion for what is as yet unlived: we bring it to birth. Creators celebrate fulfillment when new life is emerging. We allow our Dreams to be refined into the Creator’s Dream of Love.

3.  HOW NEW NOW?  The Transformational Power of Ordinary Moments
Each recurrently unexpected feeling turns the wheel of life. Pain reveals what is dying or needs to die. Pleasure unveils every spark of new life. My life is carried through its ups and down by the feelings that come and go. As I let go in the pain, and engage in the pleasure, my developmental progress happens: I learn how to have more pleasure and less pain in the long run. Learn to feel, understand, and choose, every small step of your transformation.

3.  THE GRAIN OF TRUTH:  Falling, Dying, Awakening
To have lived well is to have died often. To follow Jesus is to travel the path of death and resurrection – in all the ordinary moments, each and every day. Discover the movement of Spirit inside your own body, in your feelings, and let this wisdom guide your choices. Pain reveals what is dying or needs to die. Pleasure unveils every spark of new life. Your experience of the Spirit within can guide you on the path of continual conversion. (For Christians who respect the body as the dwelling place of the Spirit of God.)

5.  FEELING WITH GOD:  The Word from the Flesh
The God who is love is affected by what happens with human beings. God feels joy when the beloved is joyful; God feels sorrow when the beloved is in distress. God is the person having the feelings. God is the personal energy, the Spirit experienced in the feelings. Whenever I’m aware of my feelings, I am feeling with God, just as God is feeling with me. The more at home I am with my feelings, the more I live in my body, the more open I am to the presence of God within. God is with me, God is in me, God is flowing through me.

6.  YIELDING: Letting Go and Staying Open
I create tension to block an unwanted experience. I can’t let myself feel this. I have to cut off my connection with you. Toughen up. Shut down. Yielding is the act of letting go of the protective tension and opening up to what is happening. I breathe awareness into my body. I soften to let in what presents itself from you. I allow immediate contact between myself and you. I rediscover love.

7.  NOW WHAT?  Safety & the Illusion of Control
The determination to control what is about to happen feeds the already present anxiety. I can’t control the future. As long as I try, I’m not safe in the present. The undercurrent of fear that something is about to go wrong hypnotizes my focus onto the future: I’m not attentive to what is happening now, and so, I’m not safe. The solution to anxiety, and the only way to safety, is to release the illusion of control.

8.  HEAL YOURSELVES!  Illness is Opportunity
There is meaning in illness: not just something bad happening to me, but a challenge to hold faith in the Cycle of Life. Love connects in a way that helps suffering to pass. Love listens in a way that finds a deeper meaning: illness is the experience of the need to let go. Something old is dying or needs to die to allow the new life that is coming to be. I listen to what is happening inside my body, and the path of transformation becomes clear.

9.  TIME WILL TELL:  Am I Aging Well?
Recognition of aging can be disheartening – or invigorating! Here are my guidelines for aging gracefully: Live in love. Embrace what is. Feel the meaning. Let go. Befriend limits. Find comfort. Confront fear. Resolve anger. Come back to life! Take a risk. Get excited! Complete yourself. Share vulnerability. Transcend yourself. Accept mortality. If I follow these guidelines my life can continue to get better in the ways that really matter.

10.  FAITHFUL TO WHAT?  Costs, Benefits, Flexibility
What do I stay with? What do I let go? How do I know? How long is it worth it to continue to try to change something? What are the benefits? What is the cost? How do I find acceptance when the time has come? Grant me the devotion to change what is worth the cost of changing. The compassion to accept what costs too much to try and change. And the faithfulness to steadily divine the difference. This is The Fidelity Prayer. Discover it as a way of life!