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What is Stress?
The challenge of coping with change.      

Examples of stress when change is too much, too fast _______________________

Examples of stress when change is too little, too late ________________________


Body Signs:                                           
Heart beating fast   
Nervous stomach                                                   
Cold hands & feet                                                   
Dry mouth
Sweaty palms
Shallow, rapid breathing
Muscle tension: headaches
       Lower back pain
Others  _______________________________________________________


Mind Signs:
Mind racing or jumping around
Going blank, spacing out
Same thoughts over and over
Pessimistic thinking
Others  ______________________________________________________



  1. Progressive Relaxation: tense and relax muscle groups (calm body).
  2. Abdominal Breathing: hand on belly slowly rising and falling (calm feeling).
  3. Meditate: focus mind on one word or sound, over and over (calm mind).
  4. Visualize: imagine/remember being in a safe, comfortable, pleasant setting.
  5. Problem Solve: find options: change what you can, accept what you can't.
  6. Reach Out: talk to someone about how you feel; consider their advice.
  7. Walk it Off: go for a leisurely stroll or an aerobic workout.
  8. Stretch: gently roll your neck and shoulders, stretch whatever's tense.
  9. Shake it Out: shake fingers & hands, then arms; each foot & leg; whole body.
  10. Free Writing: drop censoring and write whatever comes, as fast as you can.
  11. Counting Breath: breathe in deeply, counting slowly; breathe out, same way.
  12. Hot Bath or Shower: as hot as you can stand it, breathing slowly & deeply.
  13. Novelty: brainstorm a list of fun things you've never done before. Do one.
  14. Patting: gently, then more & more firmly, slap every part of your body.
  15. Listen: to your favorite music, the birds, the waves, the wind in the trees.
  16. Get Back to Nature: go to the lake, a forest preserve, the zoo, the sky.
  17. Pray: read scripture, recite favorite prayers, talk and listen to God.
  18. Snuggle: curl up in the arms of someone who loves you.
  19. Read: self-help books, novels, poetry, whatever absorbs your interest.
  20. Catharsis: have a good cry; pound a pillow; shout in a closet.
  21. You Tell Me: _____________________________________________


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