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Daily Review

1. CENTERING: Spend five minutes focusing awareness on my breath.
"Receive": Inhale, filling myself with loving Spirit.
"Release": Exhale, letting go of my tension, shame, and guilt.

2. PERSONAL CHOICES: Review significant events of the day, watching for times of giving away the power of choice to others. Choose one particular event to work on. Identify self-talk, as well as situational patterns.

3. HISTORICAL ROOTS: What past experience does this event remind me of?
What unfinished business (feelings unfelt, words unsaid, actions undone)
might I now complete in my imagination? If I were back in the situation,
what would I like to say or do differently? Imagine myself "doing it over."

4. FEELINGS: What feelings am I experiencing now with regard to the current event I am working on? How much of the energy in this feeling fits the past? (Return to #3
and complete the unfinished business.) How much fits the present?

5. ACCEPTANCE: If I imagine my present feeling(s) being expressed without restraint, what would I be saying or doing, and with whom? (To accept what I feel like doing does not mean that I have to actually do it.)

6. AFFIRMATION: What successful experience of being true to myself comes to mind, and could be a source of strength for me now? How would I name in a few words what I like about myself? How can I use these words to support myself?

7. CHALLENGE: If I imagine myself back in the recent situation (#2), what would I like to do differently? Imagine doing it. How will I be different in the future? What options might I consider as a follow-up to become more satisfied with myself? What am I actually deciding, right now, to do in the near future?




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