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Things you can do

Learn to confront your self-defeating thoughts, the ones that predict terrible things, that say things are worse than they are. Think about what motivates your choices, what you value, what you really want in your life. Let your thoughts tell you the truth about how things are.

Emotional Honesty
Learn to trust your feelings. Make your choices after listening to how you feel. Face fear. Be happy and sad. Deal with your anger. Find peace. Feel love.

Eat well. Less sugar, starch, and refined flour. Less prepackaged food. More fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Drink at least four glasses of water a day.

Behavior Change
Stop self-destructive habits. If it hurts you or someone else, don’t do it. Replace harmful behaviors with those that are helpful. Improve your life!

Spend time with people who share your values, who want your life – and theirs – to keep getting better. Find groups that help you to be the best you can be.

Overcome isolation. Reach out and spend time with someone whose company you enjoy. Get to know each other. Make eye contact. Talk openly. Listen with your heart.

Find ways to slow down and unwind, something that occupies your mind away from your worries, and helps the muscles in your body to let go of their tension. Learn to rest deeply.

Learn to release accumulated tension by gently stretching.  Feel the relief in lengthening muscles that have been tight.  Renew the circulation of blood and energy.

Find ways to move release tension, get your blood flowing, and feel good. Take a walk. Dance to your favorite music. Ride a bike. Play a sport. Use it or lose it!

Commune with Nature
Spend time connecting with the natural world around you. Walk by the lake. Listen to the birds. Lean on a tree. Visit the zoo. Watch the sun set.  Conserve and recycle resources

Give yourself to the wellbeing of others. Volunteer at a church or service agency. Offer to help a friend. Talk to someone who’s down and out. Smile at a stranger. Love your neighbor.

Learn to live in the present moment, to concentrate your attention where you choose, to cultivate self-awareness.  Repeat a mantra over and over to empty your mind. Put your attention on your breath and watch each inhale and exhale.

Talk to God. Listen to what he or she has to say. Sit quietly simply aware of God’s presence. Feel God’s love. Give thanks. Rejoice. Make your needs known. Find the help you need.


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