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Clear boundaries allow the truth freedom to emerge

I. I accept the truth, revealed from within myself and from within you.

2. I decide the appropriate level of my risk so as to deepen my sense of safety.

3. I decide what I disclose and what I keep private.

4. I speak for myself, from within my frame of reference ("I language").

5. I listen with care and respect to whatever you have to say.

6. I am attentive to, accept, and decide what to do with my feelings.

7. I am attentive to, accept, and let you decide what to do with your feelings.

8. I do not hold either of us responsible for the other's feelings.

9. I do not expect either of us to protect the other from painful truth.

10. I agree not to ask you questions, except to clarify what you've already said.

II. I do not presume to offer you advice, nor to be the judge of your experience.

12. I let my judgments about you tell me about myself.

13. I have the right to set limits regarding touch and physical closeness.

14. I have the right to make requests regarding my safety needs.

15. I can leave whenever my safety requires me to do so.


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