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Reasons for Distrusting Pleasure:

  • It's selfish: I'm depriving others.
  • It's dangerous: things will get out of control, someone will get hurt.
  • It's a set up: I get my hopes up and then I get let down.

Ways of Avoiding Pleasure:

  • Criticize it: look at what's wrong with it.
  • Live in the future: someday wonderful things will happen for me.
  • Live in the past: I lost it all way back then.
  • Worry about losing it: you can't lose what you don't got.
  • Wait for the really big deal: and miss all the wonderful little moments.
  • Always keep struggling: isn't that how life really is?

                        LET IT IN: receptive welcoming of pleasure

  • Ease: carefree openness to the moment
  • Hope: pleasure in remembering the past & anticipating the future
  • Admiration: seeing in another what I would like to be
  • Respect: appreciating the strength in another as an equal
  • Amazement: being creatively inspired by something or someone
  • Gratitude: heartfelt honoring of another's gift
  • Peace: a deep inner security and sense of wellbeing

                        GO WITH IT: expressive engagement in pleasure

  • Delight: enthusiastic involvement in the moment
  • Desire: the pleasure in reaching out to make contact
  • Confidence: a sense of strength when what I want is happening
  • Generosity: sharing with another from one's own abundance
  • Fulfillment: the enjoyment in the realization of a cherished dream
  • Affection: the open expression of loving warmth toward another
  • Joy: the deep, abiding fullness of life that overflows to others

Why not embrace all that life has to offer YOU ! ? !


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