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I believe every person has the right to . . .

    1. Be the expert on their own experience (I know what I know).
    2. Decide what to tell others and what to keep private.
    3. Be authentically different from others.
    4. Feel however they feel.
    5. Be honest about likes and dislikes.
    6. Grieve when significant losses happen.
    7. Believe what they choose to believe.
    8. Worship in their own way.
    9. Agree or disagree with any point of view.
    10. Ask for what they need or want.
    11. Say no to any request at any time without guilt.
    12. Claim private time and space.
    13. Be listened to, accepted, and understood.
    14. Form friendships for mutual support and enjoyment.
    15. Seek and find their own ways to grow as a person.
    16. Protect themselves when threatened.
    17. Set limits on physical closeness and touch.
    18. Decide how much risk is acceptable.
    19. Have adequate food, shelter, and medical care.
    20. Have employment, with a living wage.
    21. Get what you paid for.
    22. Make mistakes and be responsible for them.


NON-ASSERTIVE -  I have no rights

ASSERTIVE - I respect my rights & yours 

AGGRESSIVE - All rights are mine


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