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The power to determine right and wrong
and to enforce it with the threat of humiliation.
(The power to avoid humiliation for myself).


PLEASE (submit to what's right for you)

  • How do I make sure others get their way?                                                                       
  • What do I always - or never - do to avoid criticism?                                                           
  • How does doing what others want keep me from getting or doing what I want?           
  • In what ways do I do as I'm told, or as I think others expect?                                   
  • What am I afraid might happen if I displease you?                                                                    


PROVE (make it obvious how right I am)

  • How do I try to prove that I'm right even if just to myself?
  • How do I impose my way/choice and disregard yours?
  • How do I drive myself to win, to be better than others?
  • How do I make sure I'm the one who sets the rules?
  • Who do I try to impress? How?
  • What am I afraid might happen if I'm not right, not the best?


FAIL (hide what is wrong with me)

  • How does self-doubt limit my options?                                                                       
  • How do I prematurely give up on myself ("I ca-a-an't")?                                                        
  • What have I wanted to do, or get, and never tried?                                                           
  • How do I stay overwhelmed, with too much (or too little) to do?                                   
  • How have I been ridiculed for failures in the past?                                                       
  • How/when do I judge myself to be stupid or inadequate?
  • What am I afraid might happen if I accepted my limits?

INSULT (expose what's wrong with you)

  • How do I show others how wrong they are?
  • How do I find fault with others and let them know about it?
  • When do I put down someone in front of others?
  • What behaviors do I consider to be deserving of ridicule?
  • How am I sarcastic without concern for others' feelings?
  • In what ways am I unreasonably critical of myself?
  • What am I afraid might happen if I stopped being so harsh?


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