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Enjoy a collection of my most recent poetry...check this area often as I will be adding new poems on a regular basis.


Mystical body

My bones are your bones
Feel your strong gentle way to their smooth strong surface
Touch them, hold them close, feel their weight
My tense armored shell is melting
Muscles no longer holding you at a cautious distance
Safely yielding to gravity now
Welcoming the divinity in your hands
Inviting that deep knowing caress
Like a mountain knowing its veins of gold
Like soil knowing roots
Like the womb knowing her child
Holding and feeding my essence
Earth Mother as you are
Your body is my body

My breath is your breath
Flow freely into my currently wide open spaces
Follow the pulsating river to every longing lost place
Where the aching poisons lurk buried alive
Ready now to be unearthed
By the shimmering stroke of your embrace
Like the breath of all the mountains refreshing every valley
Like the breeze awakening every leaf in the forest
Like the rain washing the land
Giving new life to my whole being
Sky Father as you are
Your body is my body

My body is your body
Mother Father God within me
Within All That Is as you hold me in this place
Where I belong
Knowing as I lovingly now do
The Fullness beyond me that rests
Quietly within

To Be Seen

You called me out
Nothing as direct as a gauntlet
At my feet of course
Though I was surely looking down
At the time wondering
What might trip me up
The path was anything but smooth
Castaways littering the way
Bits and pieces of your past
None of it held at the moment
In the clutch of your naked hand
Nor in the grasp of your awareness
All of it calling out to me
Echoing with a shaky resonance
In the well worn passageways of my soul
Each and every discarded part of you
Assailing my tender empty places
Longing for the home I long to offer

I would pick up every piece
And hold them all for you
But do you really want to be held?
What if you're as afraid as I once was
Your eyes logging the fragments of
Shattered lives littering the ground?

A deep sigh calls me back inside
Where I notice the fullness releasing itself
Reminding me that grasping is no longer necessary
My next breath is a conscious choice
I savor the fullness even as I let it go
A softening smile emerges onto my face
I realize that my eyes are ready now
Even as they gently rise to meet yours
Quietly wondering if you are ready
To be seen

New Moon

How many eyes had unseeing passed how often
They had long long ago
Stopped noticing
These two little pearls glistening
At opposite edges of the soon to be falling leaf
Unaware of the long drop deep into the woods
Preoccupied as each was
By the new moon filling
The starless sky
Longstanding vessel of their upward longing
Into that dark promise
Which held what was lost so long
Long ago

Neither noticed when the fall began
Not until their leaf
Blotted the sky
Do these long searching eyes
To find what had never been lost
Twinkling there unfelt
Now seen again glowing and growing
In each other's gaze
Lighting the emptiness between them
No longer unfelt
Lifting them now together
Feeling as they are reflecting this sparkling
Fullness radiating within
Each heart's desire
Carrying them steadily upward
Defying the weight of all their losses

With the new moon now between them
Each sees clearly
Through the darkness
That now holds them together
Through the storms that fade to a whisper
Through the fleeting anger
And the cascading tears
Past the waning fear
As their life is spent ascending
In adoring eyes
Past longing present
Into their home among the stars

The Moment of Truth

The truth of this moment
Is that
You have everything
You need
To be aware of what is
And what’s missing
Everything you need
To feel the lack and the longing
Everything to stand strong
Waiting and watching

The Cycles

Let the drought come
Your roots are deep
Let the sky be barren
You will not forget
Never lose hope
Reaching out as naturally
As your being aware
Loving the longing
That knows the rain is coming
For your lover
The sky
Remembers too and remains
Aware of the love
That holds all you need
In readiness
For the moment of truth

Be Given!

You have been holding your
Self back
And so the lure of caffeine
And nicotine and marijuana and heroic images
Of sex and action
The power inside you is what
You want
Your divine ability
To love and name
The new life you know how
To welcome
In others as in yourself
It is all that tension that has been
Damning you
The river you love to feel
Through the love you choose to join
God in being
The river is all you need
Whenever you are willing
To let the will-not
Tension be carried away
As long you have been
Just like the rain washing
The mountains into the sea
You are as you have chosen
To be an open channel
Simply offering the water
That is giving life
To you
You are giving what you get
You are this love you feel
Let go of yourself

Flow Thru

Nothing in my hands
Everything flowing through

There was a time, all mine
When losing my grip
Made me quiver and grab
Whatever quick hardening glue
Would hold me together

Got it all back
Under control
Not now

Nothing in my hands
Everything flowing through


Even when I don’t notice
The sigh of relief
Even when I don’t recognize
How I’ve set myself
Especially when I lift my face to make it clear
Everything is under control
My say says so
Just so
The way it is – my way
And where it’s going – I say
Everything is under control
As I look down upon it
Especially when I don’t know how afraid I am
Of falling
Especially then I am on the cutting edge
Of reality

I am about to fall
Says so the quiver
Sealed not so well as I think Inside the tense grip
I’ve learned how not to feel
Upon the illusion to which I cling that
The way I say it is the way it is
Is what tells me what
To expect
Is how I know nothing bad Is about to happen
No noticing
What lurks in the shadows
Right below me
Calling me

To let go falling
To soften settling
To land in touch with all that is other
Surrender to what is given
Trust the unexpected
Let all that is revealed
Hold me feed me
Carry me
Till I get a little more of a feel
For where we can go
As I choose to flow


Orphaned in your arms
Squirming in the search
For comfort
Longing to fall into you
Like warm rain
Into the parched forest
Where I could linger across
Your parchment skin until
I found your roots
Losing myself there
Flowing inside
Nourishing you
Becoming me
Like once before forgotten
Wondering now
If it always has been
Will be
Just this longing to fall softly
Never falling
Always landing
Never settling
Onto what’s come from your core
Without time to cool
Molten distress
Sizzling inside me
That I vaporize into the arid emptiness
Carrying me away
From that dark
Well womb
Always calling
From somewhere lost
Deep inside

Lost & Found

You have a hard time with it
Yes I do
Darkness deep inside
I do
Despair at my core
Where the ancient ache prevails
Where the darkness
Deep in my belly took me over
Where the darkness
Deep in my eyes snuffed the light
Those early days when I first
Lost all faith in
The Light
Those days are now
As mom’s light fades
The old wound pulls back
Fearing the fade
And falling
No bottom in my belly
Only the darkness
Come forth
I do
Again and again I do
I hear you calling
Through the light in your eyes
And I come back out
How long will it last
This time
The Light

Once and Forever

Will you allow yourself just
For a moment is all
To pause and gaze
Into the stillness
That has finally made it safe
To look and really see
Just below the once shifting tension
What this countenance has so long hidden
Now showing itself there
In the silent softness between
The ancient unfeeling lines
Spelling as they do
The words this flesh would
Never allow

Will you let yourself
Just for now
What your eyes have dreaded
The dark depths of the long dry rivers
Where the winds of time
Have battered the unyielding canyons
With the indestructible fragments
Of a life’s shattered dreams
Sandblasting into the darkest corners
Images of everything once precious
Long lost
The forgotten
Faces of loved ones
Gone too soon

Will you let your soul
For the rest of time
Remove yourself
Far enough to notice
The gently sloping strong curves
Of a heart once warm
And even now

Psalm Without a Number

Bring me to the temple
Let me tear the veil of innocence
I claim the right of sacrilege
I will expose what this god has hidden

Too many are the suffering
Too much my own
Too severe the losses
Too deadly my impotence
Too frightening
Can I endure more

I will tell you how I hold faith
In this savagely empty moment
I cry to heaven expecting deaf ears
I wail
Demanding audience

How am I to believe you are with me
When my own feelings betray me
When I am torn within by the storms
That drown the tender words
I long to hear
And to say

My tears are lost like I in this desert
Where every grain of wind whipped sand
Is the flailing anguish
Of yet another soul drawn into the chaos
By the mirage once called love

The earth shakes till I fall
Shakes till I realize that I am
Every convulsion of misery
Rending its way through this whole body
Feeling it all
And revolting

Are you there outside this lament

Are you here within it

Are you as I am

The Cycle in Flames

Who deserves to pay for the violence
Of others?

Is it I?
Will I turn the flame upon myself?
Burn out the broken places
Bury them under a charred gravesite
Snuffing any trace of life
Lest they rise
And seek you out
Seething with the wildfire with which
You force fed me

The cold death deep inside me
Reaps a grim satisfaction
At returning what the source deserves.

Yet I see the flame now
For what it is as it lights the darkness
In which I long for warmth
And I know we are all consumed
By the flickering truth
Of the cycle in flames

The Thrill in Falling

I don’t want this poem to be heard
I’m completely against even writing these words
I have no need to justify myself
Look at me askance all you like
Or don’t
I’m not looking back
You are not my mirror
I’ll full moon your shameful glare
Romanticize the light you’re shining
Into my darkness
I am in love with the quick high
From an occasional cigarette
The mild buzz from a few drinks
The undisturbed caress of a forest filled with cicadas
The cleansing release at pleasure’s peak
The eagle’s view of all at once
The gasp
The jaw dropping eye popping discovery
Unprecedented possibilities digitally projected
Goosebumping scenes
Heart thumping characters
Eye swelling eventualities
I smirk at life-denying moral judgments
I have the godzeye view of creation
I’m in love with all of it
I want to feel every bit of it
Not for the meaning that comes from it
Not to cheapen it by trying to justify it
Simply because it is
And I am a part of it

I am standing on a cliff
Overlooking the ocean
And experiencing the swan dive
Already in my cells
I feel the caress of the air buoying me up
Even as I plummet
Someday I’ll meet the rocks below
But not now
Now I am the thrill in falling

We Burn

Let there be one people
dreaming the divinity in their bodies
and giving birth to it in each other.

Let the wonder entrancing one
quicken the blood of another.

Let the new life stirring in that one
plant a seed in another.

Let what sprouts from the heart of this one
flower in the eye of yet another.

Let the fruit of the passion of that one
fill the emptiness of still another.

Let the lost dreams of every one
settle into the ashes
of what may yet surprise us all.

Let the unexpected flame.

We burn.

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