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So Much Good News – So Little Said

Allan Schnarr, M.Div., PhD.
Copyright 2007

Sometimes I worry that my inner reporter is like a network news anchor. I’m only allowed to notice and especially speak about what’s gone wrong. I notice how freely I can complain about the fear mongers who’ve claimed the national discourse. I’d rather point my finger at them than recognize how hypnotized I am.

How did I get this convinced that the real truth is in the bad news? What holds me back from noticing and sharing more good news? I’ve just decided to listen to my judgments.

  1. Those “look on the bright side” people are afraid of their own shadows. They’re head tripping on the fringes of life.
  2. If you come on to others with your happy-joy talk, you are just stomping on their distress. How insensitive can you be?
  3. Who wants to listen to one of those “it’s all about me and how wonderful my life is” people! They love to light up themselves and cast the shadows on everyone else.
  4. people who brag about their wonderful lives are just hiding the broken truth behind their bravado.
  5. People don’t really want to hear about your good news. They want you to notice theirs – especially when they’re afraid to tell you about it.
  6. Face it: your good news is just a way to tell people how you’re better than them. So keep it to yourself.

The good news is I just released an inner cry of anguished frustration. The bad news is I did it silently.

The good news is I’m acknowledging what holds me back. The bad news is I doubt it’ll make any difference.

The good news is I’m just saying who I am. The bad news is I’m scared.

The good news is I accept the bad news.

The good news is this is all just me.

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