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1.  Soul is the experiencing "I", a continuous, self-organizing center of awareness. Soul is the creator, the one whose awareness and choice brings what is into being, allowing it to be what it is.

2. Spirit is the free flowing energy filling the awareness of Soul, carrying complete information about what is happening now. Spirit is the life force connecting all centers of awareness.

3. Mind is Soul's way of understanding Spirit's connections. Mind organizes beliefs about the way things are, how everything fits together.

4. Body is the abiding energetic structure created by Soul's choices. Body is the dwelling place of Soul, a grounding in the historical continuity of the individual and communal experience of Spirit. As Soul responds to Spirit, every choice is made flesh, incarnated, in the Body.

5. Imagery is the way Soul informs the Body. The Body is continually created by the symbolic meaning of Soul's choices. The way Soul envisions its place in the whole is what the Body becomes. 

6. Contact means Bodies becoming aware of the exchange of Spirit. Spirit is the information identifying one Body to another. Contact is the challenge by which embodied Souls learn to transcend prior limiting self-images. Old narrow ways die, making room for new increasingly inclusive consciousness. 8. Emotion is Soul's experience of the current of Spirit in the Body. Emotion calls for Soul's attention, revealing the relational value of an experience, and orienting a responsive choice.

9. Breath is the regulator or channel of emotional flow. Soul's attentiveness to breath makes feelings clear, and easily influenced by choice. 10. Emotional flexibility means optimal response to stress. Soul is open a wide range of creative options, making emotional integrity a natural flow, moment to moment.

11. Trauma is intolerable emotional overload. Without options for the release of emotion a backlog occurs. To avoid the intolerable feelings, bodily awareness gets shut down, and mind gets trapped in unacknowledged fearful beliefs. 12. To choose not to feel is to block the breath. Restricted breathing is enforced by muscle tension. 13. Chronic muscle tension makes some emotions unavailable. The more tension in the body, the greater the restriction in range of motion. The result is physical and behavioral rigidity.

14. Loss of emotional flexibility results in isolation and  self-defeating habits. With less contact, there is less challenge to transform limiting self-images. Challenging information is overlooked.  A closed mindset, unable to learn, entrenches vulnerability to being traumatized, again and again. 15. Muscle tension decreases local awareness and blood flow, causing a buildup of toxins and hampering the immune system. The eventual result is illness, and the hastening of death.

16. Tension holds vital information ready for awareness. It is never too late to deal with unfinished business. The Body stores all unresolved experience, generating discomfort, a kind of background internal noise calling for attention.

17. BodySoulWork entails the return of awareness to what has been ignored. As Soul listens to what the Body holds, unheard thoughts, unfelt feelings, and unchosen actions can be realized. The static energy can be released, unfinished business can be completed, and the self-transcending challenge of contact can be restored. Soul can consciously return to its lifework of embodying Spirit.


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