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What I Have Learned
I have been working as a therapist for over thirty years, and deeply engaged in my own healing journey even longer. Throughout the many profound experiences that I have explored, I have learned a lot that has been of great value to others and to myself. This learning has consistently stirred me so deeply that I have needed to find ways to pass it on. One outlet has been teaching experiential classes and workshops in embodied relational awareness. The other has been writing, a passionate pastime for over twenty years. Numerous articles and essays (see my website, feelingeverything.com) and a couple unpublished books later, I discovered social networking. For the past year I have really enjoyed these options for “getting the word out”. Here’s what I’m doing where.


  • Under my own name, with public access to my “friends”, I post PonderPics several times a day. These are images with nuggets from my writing artistically placed. Many have told me how much they appreciate these. I also often repost inspiring words and images from others. You can join me here by “friending” me on Facebook.
  • I also have a professional page titled feelingeverything. Here I post PonderPics, short paragraphs from my books, and some poetry. To join me here, go to the page and “Like” it; then my posts show up on your wall.

Twitter  TWITTER

  • Several times a day I post nuggets from my writing, sometimes with a PonderPic, sometimes words alone. I am amazed after less than a year to be approaching 1300 followers, mostly people in the helping professions, and also people committed to their own healing and growth. My twitter handle is @feelingitall.

Pinterest  PINTEREST

  • I have over 600 PonderPics and am in the process of pinning them so that they are all available in one place. Each PonderPic is accompanied by a couple sentences filling in some of the meaning I see. If you follow me here, you can look through the library and find ones you’d like to save for yourself, or pass on, or be nurtured by in the moment when you’re searching.
  • I am also steadily filling another board where I pin all the words and images from others that I have gathered. And so, when you’re looking for inspiration, this will be another place to go.

Spiritual Networks  SPIRITUAL NETWORKS

  • Spiritual Networks (http://www.spiritualnetworks.com/ ) is another social networking site that I am thoroughly enjoying. Every day I post and connect with people all over the globe who focus their life through a spiritual lens. It’s a wonderful community! Join us! An app is soon to be available.



  • It’s who I am. I have to pass on what I’ve learned, what has inspired me.
  • I am building a base of connections for the launch of the ios app that is now in process. No timeline yet. It’s an app to help people make wise choices based on experiencing and understanding their feelings. If you’re in the loop, when we get to testing and getting feedback about the app, you could participate! And when it’s released, you’ll be the first to know!
  • My base of connections will also serve the purpose, once the app is completed, of getting the attention of an agent and publisher for my book. This is necessary nowadays for an unpublished author. It shows them I can do my part in marketing the book.
  • I’m hoping that if you like any of the above, you spread the word to family, friends, and colleagues. This would be a great service to me, and hopefully, to them!

Thanks for your attention. I hope you find value in what I’m offering. Feedback is welcome!