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The MAT (Model for Articulating Transformation)
a self-assessment tool

“Where you’ve been. Where you are. Where you’re going”

Being born is the work of a lifetime!

The MAT is the fruit of over twenty-five years of work. It is based on a model for understanding the human journey, seen through the lenses of emotions and relationships.

The MAT is a map of the landscape of the transformational journey at the heart of every life well lived. It provides concrete reference points for identifying the ways you have grown, and specifying what you would still like to change. The MAT can help you clarify who it is that you want to become.

The MAT is a self-assessment tool, set up to help you locate yourself along a continuum between a Life-Giving Belief System and a Self-Defeating World View. How much do you live in a world where pleasure is lasting and pain and fear passing? How much in one where  pleasure is fleeting, pain lasting, and fear pervasive? Please notice that these points of reference are not necessarily opposites. You locate yourself somewhere between an emotionally honest place, and a corresponding extreme where authenticity is devalued.

Get where you’ve been. Get where you are. Get where you need to go. Get real!
Copies now available: contact Allan through this website.