Spiritual Networks



  • I believe in Soul, the one eternal center of awareness.
  • I believe each Soul is on a recurrent sacred journey, out of the oneness, through individuality, and back to oneness with renewed wonder.
  • I believe every loss and each connection is a vital moment in the individual Soul's journey out of and back to oneness.
  • I believe each individual's life purpose is to support the cyclic journey of every Soul.
  • I believe in the invisible, the mystery from which the life force, known as Spirit, continually emerges.
  • I believe in Spirit, the energy which is information, available to the awareness of Soul.
  • I believe the power of Soul is in the embodiment of Spirit by choice.
  • I believe in Body, the abiding energetic structure created by Soul's choices.
  • I believe in Mind, the medium between Soul and Body.
  • I believe in the infinite wisdom that lives in the mystery, guides and teachers available to Mind.
  • I believe in the necessity of inner silence where the wisdom from the mystery can be seen, heard, and felt.
  • I believe Mind's every word is made flesh, that word thoughts and images take form in the Body.
  • I believe contact between embodied Souls occurs through their exchange of Spirit.
  • I believe each experience of contact is a meeting with otherness that stretches the boundaries of the individual Soul.
  • I believe the challenge of otherness means letting go of limiting old ways in favor of a new, more inclusive way of being.
  • I believe harmony is a sign of increasing inclusivity, the evolutionary growth of the individual Soul into communality.
  • I believe the entire universe is known in the one Soul whose Spirit continually renews its Body, evolving through the epic journey of each individual Soul.