Spiritual Networks


Beliefs Supporting Creative Continuity

  1. Energy is information, experienced in awareness.
  2. Awareness is the opportunity for choice.
  3. Power is the movement of energy by choice.
  4. Open awareness maximizes available energy.
  5. The more energy available to choice, the more power.
  6. The more interconnected beings are,
            the more energy available to them.
  7. Divinity is complete awareness of all energy.
  8. Divinity is always creating, embodying surprising new life.
  9. To participate in divinity is to create new life, to evolve.
  10. Fearful control is threatened by the unexpected,
            and entrenches the status quo.
  11. Fearful control disallows some awareness,
            losing vital information, lessening power.
  12. Fearful control is isolated power, inherently self-defeating.
  13. The energy fearful control disallows is held in the body as tension.
  14. Tension is the seed of possibility:
            what you hold back is your potential.
  15. Divinity is the full potential of humanity.