Love, Joy, Gratitude

  1. What was happening?  I’m at Weight Watchers picking up a month’s supply of breakfast packages for my wife. The woman on the cash register asks me if I do anything special with all these. I tell her they’re for my wife. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis, a tough corporate job, and I do what I can to support her. The woman looks me right in the eye with a warm look and says, “You are a wonderful person.”
  2. How did it / does it feel in my body (then, and/or now).  I have the impulse to cry.  A warm surge of energy expands from my heart upward, swelling behind my eyes. In hindsight I feel the impulse to hug the woman. My heart is so full.
  3. What meaning did I / do I give to it?  As I sit, breathe and feel the moment, I am filled with love for myself, for my life, with gratitude for all the love I have received that has opened and filled my heart. And I am joyful that I was seen by this woman as a vessel of love.
  4. What did I choose to do with the energy?  … and what happened…  At the time, I warmly meet her eyes, smile, and say thank you so much. I’m also a little embarrassed by the sudden intimacy with a stranger, and gently take my leave.
  5. Gathering Wisdom: What do I learn about myself? How does the learning fit within major themes in my history? How does it relate to my life purpose? What does it tell me about a specific present relationship? What is unfinished?                                     I am devoted to embodying love, and when someone sees this in me, and honors it, I am filled with joy. So much of my life has been dedicated to becoming this person. This woman’s words are a deeply appreciated affirmation.
  6. What do I choose to do now in response to my learning?  In a similar situation in the future, I’d like to acknowledge and let go of the embarrassment, stay with the intimacy of the moment, and see what would happen.


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