Lunar eclipse

What was happening? I went up to the 6th story rooftop terrace of our condo to watch the recent lunar eclipse.

How did it feel in my body? It was exhilarating and solemn at the same time. I was in total awe of the universe and it’s Maker. I was aware of only the sky and myself. It made me realize how limited our vocabulary is because there is really no word to describe the wonder of it all. The order of it all. How everything was perfectly aligned, literally, to make this event happen. And I also felt so small in the vast darkness I was experiencing but at the same time I felt like part of it all.

What meaning did I give to it? It was a reminder to me how big our Creator is. If he/she can do things like orchestrate a breath-taking eclipse, surely he can help me with much more mundane things in my life. It made me thankful that I am part of the big beautiful universe—so much more than anything manmade. It also reminded me to savor sacred moments such as this to pull out and ponder when things get rough.

What did I choose to do with the energy? And what happened? I chose to “just be” in that moment. Just me and the universe! And the more I did that, the more in awe I was and appreciative for experiencing those moments of grace.

Gathering wisdom: I was reminded of how much I truly enjoy nature and how much it recharges me. Looking back I’m also thankful that I was “nudged” by the Spirit to go up to the roof since it was 6 flights up that I had to walk and I was ready to talk myself out of it. I need to honor those kind of promptings.

What do I choose to do now in response to my learning? I need to make time not only at my leisure but especially during stress to focus on the wonder of things in nature.

Exhilaration, Peace

  1. What was happening? I was driving over the causeway to Sanibel Island (my favorite place in the world!)
  1. How did it/does it feel in my body (then and/or now)? It felt exhilarating as I was moving from the mainland to the island, looking over where the Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico meet. All of my senses were heightened. I could feel the warm sun and gentle breeze move over me as I drove across the bridge. I could hear the sea birds welcoming me to the island. I could see the beauty of God’s creation above and below me. I could taste the sea air. I could smell the freshness of life. I felt exhilarated and at peace all at the same time. It felt like I was “coming home” and so grateful to be there.
  1. What meaning did I/do I give to it? I think it was a reminder for me of how life is meant to be. Something joyful and naturally comfortable and taken in to the fullest.
  1. What did I choose to do with this energy? And what happened? I chose to spend the day in complete attention and mindfulness of my place in the beautiful sanctuary of this island. The more attentive I was, the more I was aware of all that surrounded me and how blessed I was to be a part of it.
  1. Gathering wisdom: The experience reinforced what I already knew but forget constantly—that I was made to be in the moment and enjoy all life has to offer NOW. I am not meant to be worrying constantly about what might happen or could happen. Doing so blinds me to all the miracles (large and small) that are happening at any given moment.
  1. What do I choose to do now in response to my learning? To try harder to be in the present, without worrying about what waits around the corner, in order to take in all the blessings life has to offer. I will try to use a mantra/word (Sanibel?) to bring me back to the present when my mind starts to race with worry.